Eufora International Hero for Men Texture Putty

Brand: Eufora International
Size:2 Fl. Oz.
Availability:In Stock
  • $21.50

This super strong hold yet pliable styling putty lets you mold, form and solidify your style without the slightest bit of “crunch”. Creates matte finish and is perfect for all of today’s contemporary hairstyles. Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complex provides a “wear-in” treatment benefit for healthier hair and scalp.

No petrolatum & no mineral oil – washes off hands and out of hair easily and won’t cause build-up or clogged hair follicles
Safflower and Olive technology soften and moisturize hair
Vitamin E, Neem Seed Oil, Licorice Root Extract and Avocado contribute to “wear-in” treatment benefits for healthy hair and scalp
Coenzyme Q10 provides antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals and environmental factors
Unique blend of scalp health ingredients inhibits 5-alpha reductase (an enzyme responsible for pre-mature hair loss) and protects and repairs the hair follicle to help fight aging and slow hair loss
Essential oil fragrance
No artificial colorants, fragrances or parabens
Apply to dry hair to mold and sculpt your style. Pliable hold lets you re-work hair throughout the day.

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