Yunsey Vigorance Color Protection Shampoo

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Yunsey Vigorance Colorful Color Protection Shampoo balances the pH of the hair and aligns the cuticle while protecting color.

Yunsey Vigorance Colorful Color Protection Shampoo is formulated with a combination of surfactants that facilitate hair washing after dyeing, producing a creamy lather that prevents color stripping and irritation on the scalp. It is defined as an acid shampoo because its pH is appropriate for neutralizing a previous high pH process, such as dyeing. As a result, the pH of the hair is rebalanced and cuticle alignment is achieved, improving brightness and softness, while retaining color.
Apply to wet hair and rub in gently for 5-7 minutes.

Quinoa extract: The “Rice of the Incas”. A seed which has a high amino acid content, including lysine and threonine. Contains fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic, which impart softness. Its vitamin E content provides antioxidant properties.

Quaternised silicone with high molecular weight. Provides maximum conditioning, improving combability and softness in both wet and dry hair. Reduces hair colour loss and acts as a heat shield for protection against hair irons, dryers and curling tongs.

Contains a sunscreen which absorbs a broad spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. Protects the hair cuticle and hair color.

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